The Virtual House of History Tyrol | South Tyrol is home to the memories of North, East and South Tyroleans of their everyday life in the first half of the 20th century. The chroniclers, born between 1903 and 1942, come from different milieus, their lives are selected examples and are followed from early childhood to adulthood.
The “inhabitants” of the Virtual House tell of their personal experiences, historical events, unforgettable occurrences and their ancestors. They share their thoughts about identity, life in the EU, the present, the future, … and the Tyrolean freedom hero Andreas Hofer.
The stories were captured on video in hours of discussions with the filmmaker and founder of the Austrian Contemporary Witness Archive, Ruth Deutschmann. They are a window to the past, carried by the vision of a new form of narrative culture and are made accessible in an innovative way in the internet portal “Virtual House”:
Individual life paths can be followed, memories can be concretely compared, and the most varied answers to questions about yesterday can be found.
The memories of the chroniclers breathe life into the written history of Tyrol. They are legacies, touching, informative and characterised by great openness.