Anna Unterweger Heiss

My father, the night watchman spirit
Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
copyright location:
English translation by:
Sylvia Manning - Baumgartner
Italian translation by:
Nicole D´Incecco
When the father as a night watchman is gone, has he been in the cemetery below. Just because I was not so later I was no longer as feared. .. I am afraid they have done it correctly .. pate I have therefore no longer feared. - Yes, mmh. Because he is down in the overcoat and then he has had his cap on, with ears, winter. Just as there must be the walk about one night? - Yes. - This is so long. Do you go your rounds, and then, he is always on the cemetery. Since he knew every one grave. And then he told us everything, and he knew all the information, you know - I see. From birth and when they died. He has a sheer mitgehabt Watrime always, then looked up at the cemetery he has often ripening time. As the night to go around? - Yes. - And how the others are gone from the music sample home .. because some of the music rehearsal home, yes. And at the cemetery near the wall, they have over looked. - Yes. And the others .. is so over there - yes, and the light .. such a spirit! And then he thought to himself: "Look, now the music sample to go home" and let up, and will go over the wall - Yes, they are gone away like a light. And then they told, - Yes? As it has surfaced. - Aah, surfaced. .. because they have told them how it went, then the father laughed. - His father has had one benefit. Did he say: "I would never have expected. I would want to go over to them and then they have been away so quickly." Hmm. Yes, yes.