Anna Unterweger Heiss

That's not my spoon
Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
copyright location:
English translation by:
Sylvia Manning - Baumgartner
Italian translation by:
Nicole D´Incecco
f he drive, the father, has bought a cow, and afterwards I have to. To drive up to the castle. Since he has always made me happy with. He then said: "After we eat a soup and a Würschtl" a Nudellsuppe with sausage. Since I was so happy! Then we went to the White Horse down, real hunger had the sausage, half cut, there are indeed two sausages were eaten with hunger. Suddenly I said: "Father, now I've had enough. . Now I do not like it more, "he says:" Why? Now you have so long .. and you certainly hungry. Why do not you eat "after I said" No, I give it Enk. You must eat it "" Yes, why? "After I said." Now I remembered just have a spoon so many people already eaten. "I no longer have eaten. Yes, there is it? I've pushed the father over. It has subsequently eaten together, everything. Yes, there is it? Yes. No, those are already things. Yes, and you're still the same today? No, no. There's always at home. Suddenly it occurred to me, they do so, rinse the spoon already. - Yes, yes. No, but then, so many people have eaten it. No, because I do not want anymore. Yes, our Herbert, the youngest, could not eat if someone else has used his spoon. No, the disgust dramatically. Of these, he would certainly a cold sore. It wipes the spoon just always on the table cloth. Earlier. It has never been washed. We all, each has had its place. Yes. But servant and maid in the angle up. In the cargo inside. Earlier because the strips have been. But only for the servants. Yes, the servants. In the corner, the wood shelf, as it has done into it.