Anna Unterweger Heiss

Knitting and mending rather than school
Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
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English translation by:
Sylvia Manning - Baumgartner
Italian translation by:
Nicole D´Incecco
Yes. I'm still going to say: When I'm after, I would have been ausgeschult .. so like, learned so much. - Yes. Then I said to the father: "Please, you father I can be a teacher?" - No? - As he has said, "Nanni! Very happy, but I have no money. I can not let you learn." Then I thought to myself: If I had children, then I set everything to ensure that they that they can learn something. - Learning. This one has it too. - Yes. Then I did well - the teacher then the teacher - Yes. - Yes, anyway, anyway. No - if you do not like school, then went already. - Mmh mmh. But then I had to stay home. To work. - Continue to work at home. And if hand has been, then the mother said: "At home stay, because I must wash day." - Mmm. They had to - Rinse the room. - Yes. And I have to stay at hoe, always supervise children, .. kindsen, always. Twice have been twins at home. And then I said to her mother again, because I was already too cheeky. - Yes, sure. As I said, "Mother can if I want to become anything if I'm not allowed to go school .. I'll give you the guilt." - Have you said? - Yes. Since I got a slap. - No, stop it. To wonder. - Yes. I have. Yes, sure. That would be our one dared to say never. Yes, I said. But then she let go so let me housekeeping school. Even not so - And then later I'm all the courses I'll be gone, what has been: Italian course - and what I have done? Flower arrangement course and no, very good. - Yes, yes. And all Sun Mmh. Then I thought to myself: Now I can, now I'm going. - Yes, so. As a boy - say - I would have .. also sew (want to), I would have been particularly happy. - Yes. - Yes. But there is nowhere .. Money was to pay. Yes. So I then went twice: after the housekeeping school I said, "I will absolutely pants want, I can sew. Trousers sew." - Mmh, mmh, mmh. Since I'm the first Girle. The gowns have always done more. - Mmm. That made me less then pleased. .. Shirts afterwards, yes. Yes, yes. And then I am (there) in, make the pants. - - Mmh. - And now we have patched up again and - yes, sure. So much. Knitting and mending. - Yes. - Yes. Such is life.