Anna Unterweger Heiss

And I worked, I went to Seasons
Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
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English translation by:
Sylvia Manning - Baumgartner
Italian translation by:
Nicole D´Incecco
And I worked, I went to Seasons. Yeah well, I have the Stefan had since I was 22 years old, I've been up in service to the farmer, and in which I have fallen in love with the son. He's been a pretty Netter. Yes. He has been. The others have already said. I've always said. If the others have said: "This ish a nice" then I said: "No, I do not like." And that gave me the need to pass. Afterwards I got a little boy and I had asked at home, "Please mother, may I again?" After it was called: "No, I niocht right." After I came out to strangers but it's always a way in a place accessible If you think it goes no further, machher is the Way.. certainly back on. He is a brave and an ordinary boy has been. I've been on it. And my mother helped me later. Did the boy not be accommodated at home? No. Before giving birth I have remained, would look for a job . Then the father came and said: ". You go home now, because if we have 14 had to eat, then the now even to eat" after I said, "Father, I do not trust me, if not the mother says "Then the mother came and said," Come home "Then I am - That was the most beautiful Christmas...