Anna Unterweger Heiss

Pray instead of lap sit
Ruth Deutschman
Benjamin Epp
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English translation by:
Sylvia Manning - Baumgartner
Italian translation by:
Nicole D´Incecco
Yes, yes, we have been home already. The father has been of floodplains and the mother of Ettenbach. The mother and the estate received by the parents. everything was old: the smokehouse. But his father has once again done something. I can certainly remember well the first things. I'm the oldest of 14 children. After me, the brother comes, then another brother .. again after a. I would love located in the mother and the father in a cot. Then I thought to myself: Do I have it for less fine, I must now quickly go from father and mother, go to sleep alone in a room. And the others are still sleeping it. And can raise on his lap. I thought that Hansel, Karl and Luis, are allowed to sit lap. I may have with any person, so early. Yes, I always seemed so difficult. But later, after a maid has been there. Then I can sleep with the maid, in the chamber. But that evening she said she was single, a little older already. Did she say: "God's name to pray." After that I have up there in the cold chamber, towards her .. in which case kneel and pray with her. And she has so long and ably so many prayers! I would prefer shorter, had not so long. Soon after I was clear. I've always gone are early, soon after I was clear. and I have laid down and made dark. Afterwards she said to her mother: "The Nanni goes to the Sun that she does not pray." The only reason they go up earlier. Afterwards I said: "Yes, I would pray already. You have made me stop being questioned, "I would pray even if I stay in bed inside and kneel next to her would not." It's been cold, even. Yes. Then the mother has allowed me to stay in bed inside and the maid can kneel. Then we have just prayed Sun And I went to school one year later because I was born a year late. And cried and felt strange, I have quite strong. Then we're even, I and my brother, each school left. Then after it has done so well, I'm happy .. gone. "Buds" and never with a shoe. And often, once we have attracted the Tapper, when Schulegehen when was snow. .. And it's been pretty much snow. And so we came home with the snow at noon. All wet, so we are home. Most of us six children. are gone to school. The school bag is made by the mother. There are German soldiers or by the Americans so dress is left behind. And since it has made us school bags hanging, so with a strap over his shoulder. And we have liked. At home, all sorts have been going on, because a barracks was next to it. As we have always had something to look at, when was the war or after the war, as the pilots are down. As we have already watched, where the smoke rises. We have set out on his stomach and then looked around more. And the siren is gone there, always the siren on top of the house, next to us. And often once they have placed on a plane, they have captured and is parachuted. Then they have him captured and imprisoned there. This has done us more sorry, because we seemed to have what no one did. The Americans have had all sorts of stuff, chewing gum and chocolates and a good soap, which we also passed. a good smelling soap for washing. From where we were not getting anything. The luxury we have had have always dealt. But I should have gone just not always over to them. As many jeeps, all the series are to have been established. And there are just standing around all day. I do not know the war is over have been or not. Let's say, just going out, even when going out. Then they do not know just what. Then I'm just over. And then they gave me banned because I made the strange people on the lap. I happened to be home, no one has had more time for me to make me stand on my lap, I'm just to them. Have you had the opportunity there!