Josef Unterkalmsteiner

All at one table - good food
Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
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One has previously lived better. It has been three times a day burning soup. And a Türkenmus has been. hashish has not previously given, you know, it has been a means of art, what they use today often. It is not used to be. - - What it has given to eat? - Dumplings. The round which, if they are to be good, a bit of bacon has entered into the dough, and then they made the round thing and boiled in water, and then have been quite good if there's fat ingredients have been there. Schnitzel has not previously given, which is not known, you know, the one has come to know later. But a healthy diet it has been. Thus, various diseases have previously been not with the old diet - What have you eaten in the evening? In the evening. As a Türkenmus has been, from Türkenmehl and they have cooked in milk and when it is finished have been hot on top of butter on top. And a very good food was. - - So, you have worked in the room. - Yes. - And how was the food. Are you there with the peasant people and the children - yes. together with all. We have all eaten at the table. And in a large bowl, gelt. Because it has not even given the plates. They all have eaten from a bowl. It has not been very many things to eat, eh, there are now just such a simple meal was. - But it was good. It has had a hunger, you had been young, pretty one appetite - And how was the meal with the cutlery? - Cutlery is early in the room, there are wooden walls were mostly in the farmhouses. The fork and the spoon, there's a belt band was nailed to the wall, which was set up as on a number, where the slave or servant of the second or the third, that's all gone because constantly Sun And the prostitutes, the servants, the women again. That was in the wall above the cutlery. - This one has wiped with the towel and then put up. This has not been washed. Since it has also been no dishwasher. - Is everywhere at the farmers used to the water for cooking and household use that has been in front of the house, a wooden trough. And there has coagulated the fountain, the source is there in front of the house was, and is not gone in the house. - And at night you have with the gas light, the lamp has to work the night. In winter, a short day has been. Gas oil one has called it.