Ruth Deutschmann
Benjamin Epp
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What was formerly working as a cobbler, one has since had its place and is always been there, or how was that? - In the past you went to the farmer with his last. What has been used, you have to take it all. And there have been servants to the farmers, servants and prostitutes, the shoes have got as a reward .. for a year ... Because no monthly salary has been, there's been an annual salary. And there are many shoes get as a reward, the men and women, and has since made it to the peasants. And since you have to take the most important thing you needed. The machine you can not take. Since then it has gone home, the tops have stitched together, with the machine and then turn back to the farmer and the shoes made ready. The former is not easy, since you have been hard to bear when you have all the tools have to take. - - And how was that if you are then come to the farm. Have then lived there a few days? Yes, depending on how many shoes have used them. Since it is two or three weeks often been to the farm, until one has done it, mending old shoes and old shoes has to repair, and until this is all done, there is one two, three, four weeks remained in the farm. Since you have had the board and has been sleeping, started at five to nine clock clock at night. Overtime has there been any, since a certain day's wages has been, since one is not even become rich, you know - but very good times there have been many times. Servants have come to know you and well maintained. And - and that's life gone further, yes. - I ask you again from closer to the - to - noise being. How did you know what you need farmers? - This has prompted the farmer to the shoemaker. He's asked if he can not even come to him not to work. Already half a year or almost a year before he asked, he did need a cobbler and it would just make shoes, and for the servants and for the children or whatever it was, or for old people and then you have just one time identified if one can get. If there are more farmers have been, that asked him, then one has written it and bookmarked, and then you can say when you can get. And since the cutter had to make the garment. The also went to the sturgeon. I once was a farmer, as are our three craftsmen have been. The cobbler, a tailor and a flicker slide to repair the wooden sledge and make new ones. There were three craftsmen, who were all at the same time. - The shoemaker and the tailor who worked in the room, and the carriage Flicker has worked in the basement. And at dinner we all came together. - It is quite interesting often been there. Since you have taken all sorts of people to know, and - Have you gone in summer or winter? - Usually in the winter. In the non-summer. In the summer I have not cobbled. As I helped Heuarbeiten from the farmers, you know?